Audrey Salerno

Data Scientist

The University of Chicago | Cars.com

Hi, I'm Audrey.

I'm a data scientist with a passion for building machine learning models and data products to drive business value. With 7+ years experience working in data, I bring creative solutions to complex problems.


  • M.Sc. in Analytics (Data Science), 2020

    The University of Chicago

  • B.Sc. in Mathematics: Pure Math, 2012

    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

  • B.Sc. in Communication: Electronic Media (Audio), 2012

    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Research Interests

Computer Vision

Audio Signal Processing

Clickstream Modeling




Data Scientist, Site Analytics


Apr 2020 – Present Chicago, Illinois

Predictive modeling and data engineering for Site Analytics.

Key initiatives:

  • Developed a new traffic forecasting model for use during COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Refactored queries for Tableau extracts to reduce the amount of data scanned by ~50%.
  • Mentor analysts in hypothesis testing and SQL best practices.
  • Leading an initiative to version and document the team’s SQL queries in Git.

Robotics Capstone Researcher

R3 Robotics & The University of Chicago

Sep 2019 – Jun 2020 Chicago, Illinois

“Real-Time Intelligent Audio and Object Detection for Low-Cost Robotics Systems”

A University of Chicago M.Sc. Analytics Capstone project in collaboration with R3 Robotics and Ilykei Software Corp. Developed Python software for the Dexter GoPiGo3 miniature robot car to autonomously complete a scavenger hunt with audio and visual clues. Working on a team of 5, I primarily focused on audio recognition.

  • Customized efficient, mobile-optimized deep neural networks in TensorFlow 2.0: EfficientNet-Lite for audio recognition and MobileNet-SSD for object detection.
  • Implemented noise-filtering DSP to reduce the impact of motor noise.
  • Models were integer quantized and converted to TFLite for Edge TPU inference.
  • Finished and delivered the final product remotely during the COVID-19 lock-down.

Won the Spring 2020 M.Sc. Analytics Capstone Showcase.


Teaching Assistant

University of Chicago

Sep 2018 – Jun 2020 Chicago, Illinois
Teaching assistant for evening MSc Analytics courses:

  • Data Engineering Platforms for Analytics
  • Linear Algebra

Senior Analyst, Site Analytics


Mar 2018 – Mar 2020 Chicago, Illinois

Focused on advanced analyses using raw Adobe clickstream data. Established as an analytics subject matter expert across the organization.

Key initiatives:

  • Analytics lead for proof-of-concept initiatives with data vendors, including sales attribution, cross-device stitching, and enhanced lot visitation. Utilized Hadoop, Redshift, and PySpark.
  • Designed a bot detection algorithm to filter bot traffic from clickstream data to enhance analyses, forecasts, and models.
  • Took ownership of data engineering needs for the Site Analytics team.
  • Built RShiny dashboards to evaluate the performance of multivariate tests.
  • Represented Cars.com at annual Adobe Summit conferences as a speaker.

Site Analyst


Sep 2012 – Mar 2018 Chicago, Illinois

Partnered with product owners and developers to analyze user engagement, identify and monitor KPIs, and design measurement plans. Advanced from a junior-level analyst to the Adobe Analytics subject matter expert.

Key initiatives:

  • Developed an analysis methodology to uncover and compare onsite shopping behavior patterns for the surveyed Cars.com Shopper Personas.
  • Authored the Cars.com Visitor Analysis, a holistic view of user distribution and engagement across the site. Presented new ways of understanding and monitoring user retention and success that were adopted as KPIs by senior leadership.
  • Led an initiative to overhaul Adobe Analytics tracking on the site. Forged relationships with senior developers to develop a community of practice around data quality and data governance. Established standards for tracking documentation and consulted on custom tracking libraries.
  • Helped develop standards for statistically sound A/B testing.




Adobe Analytics


Machine Learning
& Deep Learning

Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, & Keras

Data Engineering

SQL, Hadoop


Statistical Analysis
Linear & Nonlinear Modeling

Time Series

Anomaly Detection

Web Analytics

Engagement Analyses
KPIs & Measurement Plans
Clickstream Data

Data Visualization

Tableau, RShiny

Multivariate Testing

Experimental Design
Frequentist & Bayesian

Audio Engineering

Classical Recoding
& Musical Theater


MSc in Analytics Capstone Best in Showcase

Robotics capstone team project voted Best in Show by a panel of faculty and industry judges.
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Adobe Analytics Rockstar

Peer-voted Analytics Rockstar based on tips and tricks I designed and presented to enhance Adobe Analytics functionalities. Presented at the regional Chicago Analytics Idol and national Adobe Summit conferences (more info and slides above).

2019 Regional & National Winner

2018 Regional Winner & National Runner-Up

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